Staff Review Committee

About the Staff Review Committee

The Staff Review Committee is authorized to review all site plans for minor development.  In addition, the Committee may reclassify a minor development as a major development, due to scope or anticipated impacts of a project, and forward it to the Planning Board for review.


Staff Review Committee meetings are scheduled as needed, during regular business hours.  The Committee meets at the Windham Town Hall in Conference Room 1, unless attendance requires a larger room.


The Staff Review Committee consists of five members who are senior department heads or their designee.

Ben Smith, Planning Director - Committee Chair
Brent Libby, Fire Rescue Chief
Doug Fortier, Public Works Director
Tony Plante, Windham Town Manager
Vacant, Code Enforcement Director

Contact Information

Questions and requests for information should be directed to Amanda Lessard, Planner.

Agendas                            Minutes

7/28/15                                                7/28/15
9/30/15                                                9/30/15
12/9/15                                                12/9/15
7/27/16                                                7/27/16
8/17/16                                                8/17/16
9/6/16                                                  9/6/16
11/2/16                                                11/2/16
11/7/16                                                11/7/16
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