Vehicle Registrations

Motor Vehicle Registrations

Required paperwork when registering a vehicle is as follows:
    If purchased from a Maine Dealer:
  • Window Sticker
  • Title Application
  • Invoice (to prove sales tax was paid)
  • Proof of Insurance

      If purchased in a private sale:    

  • Bill of Sale
  • Title (Previous owners, make sure they sign the back of it)
  • Proof of Insurance

    If previously registered out of state:

  •  Out of state Title
  •  Out of state Registration
  •   Proof of Insurance with Maine Liability
  •   If there is a lien holder, exact name and address of lien holder

Rapid Renewal is a service that makes it possible for you to renew your motor vehicle registration with the State of Maine and to pay your local excise tax to the Town of Windham in one simple online transaction.

Email Reminders For Re-Registration
The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers the convenient option for an email reminder as your re-registration time approaches. Simply visit the Rapid Renewal website to sign up.

Registering a trailer?

 If you purchased a new trailer, please have these items with you:

  • Title (If over 3,000 pounds empty weight)
  • Bill of Sale with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

​Registering a boat?

 If you are registering a boat, please have this information:
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Year, Make and Model
  • Length and Color
  • Motor horsepower and type (Inboard, Outboard)
  • Bill of Sale