Open Burning/Burn/Fireworks Permits

Open burning in Maine and Windham requires an Open Burning Permit issued by the State of Maine through the Windham Fire-Rescue Department. Windham may not issue permits on certain days due to wind conditions, fire danger or staffing availability. Restrictions do not apply to propane or charcoal grills, cooking fires and campfires that are less than 3x3x3 in size.

How To Obtain A Permit

Burn Permits are only issued for the current calendar day and are valid until midnight.

 There are two ways to obtain an open burn or fireworks permit:

  • Burning Permit - Maine Open Burning Permits
  • Fire works permit - Online Through Windham
  • At A Fire Station
    • Go to the either the Public Safety Building/Central Fire Station or the North Windham fire station and complete the form there. Issuing hours for Open Burning Permits are after 9 a.m. on days that the department is issuing.

When Can You Burn

The Maine Forest Service provides fire departments a weather advisory called "Class Days" between 8 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. daily from April through November. The class days are prepared based on the dryness of the ground fuels, grass conditions, fine fuel moisture of the products on the ground, wind speeds, rainfall amounts, and other weather factors. Burning permits are valid until Midnight. 

Class Days

Windham issues open burning permits on Low and Moderate Days as long as winds are below 10 mph. 

  • Low Fire Danger day is the best for open burning.
  • Moderate Fire Danger day means it is okay but not the best of days to burn.
  • High Fire Danger burning permits are not issued, cooking and warming fires use caution.
  • Very High Fire Danger Day is dangerous and the Maine Forest Service advises that no permits should be issued
  • EXTREME Fire Danger Day is issued when the forest service advises the governor that no open burning should be allowed because of extreme conditions and the governor issues a proclamation.
A RED FLAG warning may also be issued for any fire danger day when winds are too high. In this case burning permits will not be issued. 

Don't Burn Without A Permit

Burning without a permit is a misdemeanor and wastes our emergency response resources and your tax dollars. The fire department does not want you to spend your hard earned money in the judicial system of Maine. This year as in past years, department personnel will be providing information on the first response for burning without a permit. If we are required to respond for a second incident then we will be requesting the Maine Forest Service or Windham Police to issue a summons for the appropriate violations.




                 Failure to extinguish could result in a Law Enforcement Summons