Winter Road Maintenance Extensions Policy

This policy shall apply to roadways considered for winter maintenance by the Town Council on or after the date of its adoption.


Snow removal and ice control services may be provided by the Town of Windham or its agents when each of the following criteria are met:
  • A public easement has been granted by deed, and accepted by the town
  • 100% of the owners along the roadway have signed a release form, copy attached
  • The section of road being considered has been through the town's subdivision review process and approved by the Planning Board, as long as the Planning Board has not stipulated any conditions contrary to such maintenance
  • The owners of the right of way agree to hold the town harmless for any damages that may be caused in the process of providing winter maintenance
  • There exists an identified right of way of at least 50 feet in width
  • The traveled surface is in good repair with an adequate gravel base, as defined in the town's Subdivision Ordinance as minor road standards.
  • There are no trees or other visual obstructions which would obstruct a plow with a wing
  • There is an average of one dwelling every 300 lineal feet of roadway, and there are at least five separate dwellings served
  • There is a suitable turnaround
  • The Town Council finds that snow removal serves a public purpose


  • This policy may be modified at any time by the Town Council
  • The above criteria will not apply to public easements, which are provided winter maintenance by the town prior to the adoption of this updated policy.
  • Requests for consideration under this policy shall be made, in writing, prior to September 1st of each year in order to be considered for winter maintenance during the upcoming winter season.
  • In allowing public access for snow plowing, there shall be no presumption in any way of its acceptance as a public way by the Town of Windham.