GIS Maps

Responsibilities & Services

The GIS Mapping Department is responsible for developing, maintaining, and coordinating Town maps and GIS data. Town maps are now available in a Adobe Acrobat format.

What does GIS stand for? 

Geographic Information System, which is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.

From the maps below you can access information about – property size, owner, parcel value, building(s) value, a description of the buildings and sales information.

What can I learn from the GIS Data Viewer Tool?  

  • Where a property is located;
  • Property size; 
  • Layers – different views of the map - parcel, street, satellite, and topographic views;
  • Where a water or sewer main is located;
  • Zoning;
  • Measure Tools – you can measure different areas on the map area;
  • Abutters Search – search for property owners surrounding a particular property;
  • Print – print the screen your looking at;
  • Full Screen – enlarges the map to the full screen view;
  • View Property Data Page – a Vison property card will pop up;
  • Sales data history of the property when it was sold and for how much.

How do I access the GIS Data Viewer?

  • Click on GIS Data Viewer (link listed below) – a new page will come up;
  • On the right-hand side type the address you are looking for then hit search;
  • This map and the Vision Data base map are the same maps with the same features.

Available GIS Maps

GIS Data Viewer Search parcel information
2023 Street Map Shows all Windham streets
Tax Maps Shows parcel data within maps
Trail Maps Recreational trails in Windham
Trash and Recycling Map Routes and days when trash/recycling is picked up
Voting and Districts Map Shows how the town's voting districts are laid out
Windham Zoning Map Shows the different zones of the town

2022 Parcel Maps in Google Earth

You can now view an overlay of the Windham parcel maps in Google Earth. This information is updated periodically.

Note: Parcel boundaries are intended to be used for the purpose of property assessment and should not be considered survey accurate.

You will need to have Google Earth installed to view this data. After downloading and installing Google Earth click here:  Windham Parcel Data.

Associated assessing data can be viewed by clicking on the lot of interest. If you save this as one of your places (under the File options) you can reopen this information without having to revisit the Windham website. Please be aware that some information has been suppressed at the property owner's request.