Private Roads Resource Library

This Private Road Resource Library is a repository of documents and technical information covering subjects ranging from proper maintenance of gravel roads to the formation of an incorporated road association. The library has been organized according to subject so that users can easily locate information that is of interest to them. Links to web sites of organizations that offer specialized technical assistance and grants for road improvements in sensitive watersheds are also provided. View the Environmental Impacts of Private Roads report.

Road Association Guidance

  1. A Guide to Forming Road Associations (2014)
  2. Appendices for "A Guide to Forming Road Associations"

Road Maintenance Guidance

  1. Kennebec County Soil and Water Conservation District Gravel Roads Maintenance Manual
  2. Maine DEP Gravel Roads Maintenance Score Sheet
  3. FHWA Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design Manual

State of Maine Law Affecting Private Roads

  1. MRS Title 23 Subchapter 2 - Private Ways
  2. Natural Resource Protection Act
    1. NRPA Fact Sheet
    2. NRPA Chapter 305 - Permit By Rule
    3. Permit by Rule Notification Form
  3. Contractor Certification in Shoreland Zone
  4. Erosion and Sedimentation Control Law

Town of Windham Private Road Ordinances

  1. Land Use Ordinance Appendix B - Street Design and Construction Standards
  2. Land Use Ordinance Subsection 544.B - Private Roads Not Part of a Subdivision Application
  3. Land Use Ordinance Subsection 911.M.5(a)(5) - Private Roads