Town Council

The Town Council is Windham’s elected legislative and policy-making body. The Council adopts policies and plans, enacts ordinances, provides direction to the town manager and staff, and adopts the annual budget (subject to final approval by town meeting).

Of the Council’s seven members, three are elected at-large and four are elected from the four defined geographic areas of the town (north, south, east, and west). Voters throughout the town elect all members of the Council, both at-large and area (or district) members.

By Charter, the Council is required to meet at least monthly, but has its regular meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Special meetings may be called as needed, and meetings may be cancelled or postponed due to holidays (and occasionally the weather).

Meetings are usually held in the Council Chambers, are televised live and replayed on local access cable channel 7, streamed and archived via the town’s web site, and always include an opportunity for the public to address the Council on any item not on the agenda as well as those items planned for discussion or action at any given meeting.

Council members encourage and welcome your feedback, thoughts, input, and ideas. Contact information for councilors appears below:

To Email All Councilors

Councilor  District Term Address Phone Email
Jarrod Maxfield, Chair North District Term Expires: 2022 11 Oxford Road 805-7005 Email
Nicholas Kalogerakis  South District Term Expires: 2022 30 Aroostook Drive 310-1476 Email
Ed Ohmott, Parliamentarian  At Large Term Expires: 2022 22 Bowdens Way 572-4227 Email
Brett Jones  East District Term Expires: 2023 93 Tavern Hill 807-5995 Email
William Reiner West District Term Expires: 2024 21 Ursula Avenue 201-294-7390 Email
David Nadeau At Large Term Expires: 2024 89 Johnson Road 892-7192 Email
Mark Morrison, Vice Chair  At Large Term Expires: 2023 12 Acorn Lane 329-1328 Email