Marriage Certificate

Once you are married and your Officiant has returned your completed Marriage License back to the Town Clerk's Office, you will receive a letter from us letting you know that you may come in anytime after that to purchase your Certified copies.  The cost is $15.00, and if you would like more than one, any additional copies purchased at the same time are $6.00 each.

Please bring a driver's license with you for I.D. purposes. The law states you must have a direct and legitimate interest in the record before we can release it.  Therefore, the certified copies may be released to the Bride, Groom or the parents thereof.

This office only holds marriage licenses of those couples who filed in Windham or who were not Windham residents but were married in Windham up until July 2002.  After that date if you were married in Windham, you would have to go to your place of residence to purchase your certified copy.

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