Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 140


The Land Use Ordinance of the Town of Windham, Maine was adopted in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan pursuant to the provision of 30‑A M.R.S.A. § 4326 et seq. and is designed to:

1.      encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the municipality,
2.      promote traffic safety; to provide safety from fire and other elements,
3.      prevent overcrowding of real estate,
4.      prevent housing development in unsanitary areas,
5.      promote coordinated development, 
6.      encourage the formation of community units,
7.      provide an allotment of land area in new developments for all the requirements of community life,
8.      conserve natural resources, and
9.      provide for adequate public services.

This chapter does not excuse any person of the necessity of complying with other applicable laws and regulations.

Official Zoning Map

  View the official zoning map. (10/12/2021)

Ordinance Sections 

    Cover Sheet                                                            600 Mineral Extraction                                       
    Table of Contents                                                    700 Signs                                      
    100 General                                                            800 Site Plan Review   
    200 Nonconforming Provisions                                  900 Subdivision Review
    300 Definitions                                                        1000 Administration                  
    400 Zoning Districts                                                1100 Board of Appeals                               
    500 Performance Standards                                    1200 Impact Fees


  Appendix A Fee Schedule                    
  Appendix B Street Design and Construction Standards                                                       
  Appendix C State of Maine Road Classification List
  Appendix D Land Use Ordinance Flow Chart Cover Sheet   
  Appendix E North Windham Sidewalk Impact Fee Methodology
  Appendix F Recreation Capital Investment Plan