Annual Road Postings

UPDATE 4/5/23 - the posted roads signs were removed on 4/3/23.  

Public Works posts roads generally in late February for heavy load limits. We would like to inform you that the Town does not allow travel by overweight vehicles on posted roads regardless of temperature changes. Once our roads are posted they remain as such until the postings are removed, generally no later than May 15th.   The maximum registered weight of a vehicle allowed on posted roads is 23,000 pounds or less. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us preserve our roads during the freeze thaw cycle. Click below on the link to read or print a list of the roads that are posted.

Council set seasonal weight limits on February 28, 2023. Public Works will begin posting roads Monday, March 6, 2023.  Call 892-1909 if you have any questions.  

For a list of posted roads click here: