Marijuana Business License

The Windham Town Council adopted the Marijuana Businesses Ordinance, Chapter 128 on May 26, 2020.  The ordinance took effect June 26, 2020.  

Marijuana Business License Application

Background Check Authorization Form

Your Questions Answered

When will Marijuana Business license applications be available?

The limit for Marijuana Business Licenses has been filled.

What will be the timeline approval for Adult Use and Medical Retail?

There are no more licenses available.

When will applications for manufacturing, testing, cultivation and caregivers be processed?

Licenses for these applications are processed as received.  The licensee must have a business location within the allowable zones.  Please research the Town's zoning restrictions. 

What information is necessary in the application?

An applicant must provide complete and truthful answers to all questions in the application , as well as supporting documentation and information to address each approval standard.  (Only manufacturing, testing, cultivation and caregiver applications are being accepted at this time.)  

Should the submission be hand-written or typed?

We recommend typed submissions for clarity and ease of reading.

How many copies need to be submitted for the licenses?

The ordinance requires that two paper copies and one electronic copy be submitted.  Please provide the electronic copy on a USB drive, or make arrangements to email the Town Clerk.

The ordinance requires that applications be submitted in an organized fashion.  We recommend use of a table of contents, and to include materials in the order in which they are requested by the application and ordinance.