Traffic and Pedestrian Improvement Projects

"Smart" Signals in North Windham

In this project, adaptive signals will be installed at a total of six intersections along the Route 302 corridor (see Map below) from River Road to Whites Bridge/Anglers Road.  At four of these intersections, the project also includes replacement of the existing span wire signal supports with steel mast arms to provide a more attractive and stable base for the new signals. Mast arm signal supports already exists at the At the Boody’s Corner and at the Whites Bridge/Anglers Road intersections on Roosevelt Trail so these will remain.  Learn more...

Sidewalks on Route 302 in North Windham

This project implements a portion of the recommendations that came out of the 21st Century Plan whose goal was to establish a renewed sense of place through complete streets.  The project includes the following components that came out of a Preliminary Engineering Design in 2016: 

  • Build new ADA-compliant sidewalks on the west side of Route 302 between Boody’s Corner and Franklin Drive and provide additional crosswalks at all signalized intersections. 
  • Rebuild the sidewalk, where necessary, on the east side of Route 302 to conform with ADA requirements. 
  • Install landscaping and pedestrian scale lighting along the sidewalks on the east and west sides of Route 302.

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Sidewalks in South Windham

Town of Windham has been awarded a grant to build/rebuild sidewalks along Route 202 (Main Street) in South Windham. Having rebuilt Depot Street in 2021 with sidewalks and pedestrian lighting, the goal of this project is to continue the effort to revitalize South Windham Village with user-friendly pedestrian facilities that make it a more attractive place to live and do business.

The project includes the following components: 

  • Rebuild 1,250 feet of existing sidewalk on Route 202 (Main Street) from the Mountain Division Trail crossing (next to the Blue Seal store) to Depot Street in the center of South Windham Village. 
  • 1,250 ft. of new 5-ft wide paved sidewalk with granite curbing along the west side of Route 202 from the Mountain Division Trail crossing to Depot Street in the center of South Windham Village.

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