My road is in disrepair? Will you fix it?
That depends on a couple of factors. Is it a state or town road? Is the road private? Please call us at 892-1909 and let us know about the problem road.

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1. Does the town pick up my trash?
2. My Trash/Recycle did not get picked up? What do I do?
3. My trash and recyclables were out before 7 a.m. but collection was missed. Now what?
4. I have more recyclables than my Windham Recycles! bin can handle. What can I do?
5. How much do the Windham trash bags cost?
6. Does the Town have a bulky waste drop-off site or collection program?
7. My road is in disrepair? Will you fix it?
8. There is a speed limit sign or traffic sign that is almost impossible to see because it's cracked and looks run-down. Can you do something about that?
9. The stripes on Route 302 are impossible to see. Will there be something done about that?
10. My road has not been plowed yet, why?
11. Is it true that I can get sand to use on my driveway for free?
12. There is a dead animal on the road, could you please clean it up?