What do I need to do to subdivide my property?
Please call 894-5960 x 2 or stop by the Town Office to speak with planning staff. A subdivision application must be obtained and completed prior to Planning Board approval of any subdivision. The application will go through four levels of review:
  • Development Team Meeting (highly recommended)
  • Pre-application / Sketch Plan
  • Preliminary Plan
  • Final Plan

Each level will require more detailed information to move to the next level. Checklists have been created to assist subdivision applicants assemble the information necessary to address these requirements. Checklists are available at the Planning Department in the Town Office.

The amount of time this process takes varies from project to project, depending on many factors including the size of the property involved, the characteristics of the property, the project's location, the potential for the project to impact neighbors or the community, and many other factors.

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